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What separates our career center from other career sites? Simply put, we have the largest selection and quantity of in-depth resources for your career path, not to mention professional legal recruiters who will help place you in a career that is supportive of who you are. Learn about issues facing minorities in the legal industry and discover new opportunities. Chances are, you'll find what you're looking for here.

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Responding to the Diversity Challenge By Lisa Walker Johnson. How is the challenge of diversity actually playing itself out in the legal profession? Is it just the latest buzzword? Or is it a necessary strategy for improving relations with clients, enhancing innovation and building future business? Read about the three forces that are pushing for increased diversity in law firms.
On Hiring Women and Minority Attorneys: One General Counsel's Perspective By Raymond L. Ocampo, Jr. This is an article about Oracle's outside counsel retention policy designed to eliminate law firm excuses for not assigning women and minority attorneys to legal matters. Corporate legal departments can promote the hiring and advancement of women and minority outside attorneys by adopting and encouraging the retention policy above, or one similar to it. While the focus of the article is on racial and ethnic discrimination, the policy also encompasses efforts to counter gender-based discrimination.
Sexual Harassment: What If It Happened at Your Firm? By Barbara Rosen. The associate is blushing. Her forehead glistens with sweat. “Lately Karl has been complimenting me a lot on my figure and my taste in dresses. It makes me feel uncomfortable.” You’re managing partner (or administrator) at this large firm. What do you say to these complaints about a partner?

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