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What separates our career center from other career sites? Simply put, we have the largest selection and quantity of in-depth resources for your career path. Our Outplacement Center can help individual lawyers determine the best routes for their careers to follow, and can help any size law firm determine the best way to assist transitioning personnel. Chances are, you'll find what you're looking for here.


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The 2004 BCG Attorney Search Guide To Class Ranking Distinctions And Law Review Admission At America's Top 50 Law Schools

Students who rely on the name of their school to get them in the door at a law firm may realize that it is often not enough. The name of a law school might get a resume some attention, but a good academic performance is what gets an attorney a job at a top firm. Yet, without the information to properly put a student's record into context, an impressive record at one of these law schools could be unfairly dismissed.

Legal Authority is the largest portal for legal employment opportunities in the world, using a database of more than 75,000 in-house law firms and public interest organizations. Legal Authority assists attorneys apply directly to jobs without recruitment. If you contact every employer whether, it be in-house or law firm, in a given city that matches your interests, you will find the job that you want. No legal recruiter can match that.

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  • Thinking about your career?  Trying to decide what job is best for you?  Or maybe you are trying to decide how you can make your firm more attractive to clients and personnel?  Our experts' articles will provide you with exciting ideas for new careers, will help you to focus on careers that are appropriate for you, and will show you how you can make your firm stand out from the pack.

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