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Time to get down to business. How do you actually go about finding a legal job? Landing a job in law can be a long process, and often, there are challenges you have to address. FindLaw’s How to Find a Legal Job section offers advice and resources for attorneys at every stage of their career; whether they are students looking for an internship, graduates just starting out and trying to land their first job, or experienced attorneys looking for a new opportunity. This section also includes specific guidance on resumes, cover letters, networking, and negotiating salaries. Read on to learn how you can find that legal job that best suits you.

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    • What To Do With Bad Grades

      Are you feeling like bad grades are holding you back? How do you deal with them?

      Legal Practice Areas: Finding One That Fits

      Just as you are unlikely to remain forever with the first firm you join, you may decide that the practice area you chose right out of law school no longer suits you. Changing practice areas can be a difficult process, but it can be done.

      Interviewing after Being Let Go

      After being let go, subsequent interviewers will likely ask your reasons for leaving your previous job. What is the best way to approach this question?

      How to Handle the Question of Salaries During Interviews

      In the following two questions readers in the midst of their job search are expressing concerns related to salary issues.

      Giving Notice

      You have just landed a job, and you are experiencing the elation of finally achieving your goal to get the perfect position at an exciting firm.Suddenly, you feel the onset of anxiety upon realizing that you face new challenges, excitement and uncertainty. T

      How can I spin my current job title?

      After working us a staff attorney, I took a job as a paralegal specialist in a company for which I wanted to work. Since they knew I was an attorney, I was given many "attorney" assignments.

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